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Schedule a free appointment to discuss your completely personalized custom design. This meeting can be done in our office in downtown Davenport, IA, virtually, or over the phone. There is no cost to you, this is an initial meeting to discuss what you are hoping to achieve. Don't worry if you aren't sure exactly sure what you want to make, that is part of the fun and we can start narrowing it down and getting ideas in the first meeting. After the appointment we will be begin to source stones (if needed) and begin work on the design. After you approve the stone selections and  CAD design, your new jewelry piece is hand made. This process takes about 4-6 weeks to complete,

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Engagement Ring Builder

With over 1300 different options use our magnetitc engagement ring builder to try on dseveral rings with various center stones. Discover the stone shape, size and band that works best for you to start creating your one of a kind engagement ring.