About The Designer

Jewelry Designer inspects custom ring
Growing up I have always had a love for design and jewelry. After graduating with a degree in fashion I was excited to take a position as a jeweler's apprentice at a large chain store's repair shop. I spent most of my time polishing, but it was worth it for the hours I got to spend learning on the bench.  While working there I became fascinated with the custom jewelry experience and how it was created.

After spending a year on the bench I decided to learn about the custom process and got a job on Chicago's Jeweler's Row working for a manufacturing company that did custom work for several large jewelry companies. I started as a project manager but took interest in learning CAD (Computer Aided Design) for jewelry design. I ended up becoming a CAD designer and eventually the manager of the design and 3-D printing team. I loved problem solving and interpreting the designs that were sent to us but wished I was working directly with the customer. 

Starting Rosalee Jewelry has allowed me to work one on one with people celebrating special moments in their lives. I love helping them find a way to symbolize such beautiful occasions while also sharing my knowledge and passion for jewelry.

Engagement Ring Builder

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