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Rosalee Jewelry: The Jewelry Store in Davenport, IA

Many people in the region don't realize that Davenport, IA, has a thriving luxury jewelry market. Whether they need a new fashion piece for an upcoming event or an engagement or wedding ring that expresses their lasting love, they can find the highest quality luxury jewelry options conveniently close to home, including affordably priced custom jewelry. Instead of searching the internet using keywords like "luxury jewelry store" or "custom jeweler," they need not look any further than our Rosalee Jewelry location on 2nd Street. The site has a wide range of predesigned luxury earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, fashion rings, engagement rings and wedding bands. Clients can remove the guesswork from their search for the perfect ring by using a magnetic engagement ring builder to try hundreds of different band and stone combinations.

Custom jewelry is another option. At the Rosalee Jewelry Downtown Davenport Design Studio, the designer meets one-on-one with each client to determine their precise needs, including the specific materials they desire and the statement they want to make with their piece. Clients never worry about material or design restrictions. With special computer-aided design software, the designer helps them create a unique, once-in-a-lifetime piece. In typically less than eight weeks, the client experiences the pleasure of wearing their extremely personal creation or surprising someone with it as a gift. Every custom jewelry design carries a full two-year workmanship warranty. A partnership with Lashbrook Men's Bands also means that men never need a second jewelry store to assist them. Countless options exist for them to design a custom ring that creates a particular image for their career or expresses individuality, creativity or love in their personal life.

Rosalee Jewelry's jewelry store in Davenport, IA, is committed to providing the best customer service, the most excellent craftsmanship, and the highest quality luxury and modern custom jewelry options to our neighbors in the region. Our experienced designer and professional staff aren't in the business of selling accessories. They're passionate about jewelry design and how people use gemstones, metals and other materials and patterns as a form of communication and expression. It doesn't matter if you want a piece for personal pleasure or to show the world how you feel about a loved one. We believe in helping people lead more enjoyable and fulfilling lives through their jewelry selections. Contact a member of our team today to discuss your luxury jewelry needs or book an appointment with our designer.